Which Spa Facial Treatment is best For Your Skin?

Which Spa Facial Treatment is best For Your Skin?

There are different types of facial treatments for different skin types. Some people have facials to improve their skin texture, while many other prefer to have facial just to relax. But if you are going for the facial for the first time it is better to know what benefits can be yielded from these different types of facials so that you can pick one that is best suited for your needs.


Basic Spa Facial

This is a kind of facial that just focuses on massage and it the simplest facial treatment. For this type of facial you do not need the cosmetologist, a massage therapist can perform this facial as it will not penetrate deep into your skin. The main purpose of this type of facial is to give your facial skin relaxation by way of massage. It stars with cleansing your skin and then using various products including scrub to remove some of the dead skin.

Signature Facial

A signature facial at any spa salon is a facial where they use their own branded products for the treatment. They also use their signature technique of facial where some salons include a relaxing neck and shoulder massage along with face massage. This facial is to gently exfoliate and nourish the skin so that the natural luster of the skin returns.

Medi Facial

Medi facials are more sophisticated facial treatments. For medi facial you need to consult the professional, licensed therapist, who is an aesthetician or a cosmetologist. They will suggest a treatment after carefully examining your skin type and condition. This facial is best for the skin conditions such as acne, Rosacea and pigmentation.


Microdermabrasion is the most effective anti-ageing treatment. This treatment uses the crystals to remove all the dead skin cells and other fragments from the skin. This treatment works best in reducing the age spots, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. It is also very effective in unifying the complexion of the skin. Microdermabrasion treatment is popular for bringing life back to the dull and dehydrated skin. To get the best results you must follow the series of this kind of facial.

LED Facial

LED treatment is best suited to treat acne problem. If you are suffering from the breakout then this treatment will help you to reduce the acne significantly and you can see the effects of the treatment immediately after a couple of sessions. This treatment is also very effective in reducing the scars left behind after the acne breakout. You must not confuse this treatment with laser or IPL treatment as LED treatment uses a non invasive light therapy.


As there are so many different types of facial it can be overwhelming for you to choose, especially if you are not a regular visitor of the spa. Apart from that there are new technologies being introduced in the skin treatments so it becomes difficult to be updated with the current trends in beauty department. I hope this article will help you in selecting a facial best suited for your skin type. You can always discuss with the aestheticians and cosmetologists and trust them to suggest you the right treatment. In the end I just want to say when you go for a facial, just relax and enjoy the experience.

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